AZ is at a tipping point.

Now is the time for our state to deal with the problem.

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Why us?

AZHF is a dedicated-sustainable revenue source that makes grants funding to the nonprofit agencies that build and operate Permanent Supportive, Low-Income and Working Poor Housing further enabling more units to meet the growing needs of our communities and reduce homelessness.

What we do?

AZHF Accepts donations from multiple revenue sources: all donations are tax-deductible.

DIRECTED DONATIONS - individuals, families, public/private/family foundations, nonprofit/for-profit corporations, community groups and government make donations to the AZHF.

DONATION PROGRAM - businesses voluntarily participate in the program and commit to make a donation to the AZHF on all or a specified sales transaction and give purchasers the opportunity to donate.

ESCROW DONATION PROGRAM - homebuilders, developers, agents and title companies voluntarily participate in the program and give buyers and sellers an opportunity to donate to the AZHF.

What is Our Goal?

To create additional supportive affordable housing statewide – Supportive housing that is affordable stabilizes people with physical and behavioral health issues and keeps them from becoming and returning to homelessness.

Emergency Shelters Full

The shelter system is stuck because there is a critical shortage of safe, decent, affordable housing.

People are stuck on months long waiting lists.

People are stuck on months long waiting lists.

Housing costs are on the rise.

People who want and need to access the continuum of housing care.


Youth/Young Adults



Minimum/Low Wage Workers

Working Families

Mentally Ill


People In A Health Crisis

People Escaping Violence/Abuse

The cost of housing vs. homelessness

TENANT PAYS – $400 to $600 for Supportive Affordable Housing Rent for 1 Month


COMMUNITY & TAXPAYERS – $2,000 Homeless Shelter for 1 Month

COMMUNITY & TAXPAYERS – $2,130 Prison for 1 Month

COMMUNITY & TAXPAYERS – $2,222 Hospital Bed per Day

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